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Sample Packing Checklist for all of the Backcountry Discovery Routes - We know it can be tough to remember all the items to bring on a backcountry adventure, so we've put together this sample packing list to help you prepare for your BDR trip.

It's late July and we're are on the first day of a motorcycle trip on the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route (OBDR) - the start of our nine-day adventure...

A group of guys from Touratech and GlobeRiders needed a good excuse to get out of the office. And what better way to escape home and business responsibilities than setting out on a multi-day motorcycle adventure off the beaten path through the rugged and uninhabited land that stretches along the OBDR - the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route.

Starting on Wednesday morning August 16, 2000 Tom Myers and Zander Nosler, (both from Seattle WA) rode the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route. The route took five nights and turned out to be 950+ miles.