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A few years ago, some things happened that changed my life forever:  I fell in love and married a girl who rode motorcycles, I left my career in aerospace and I got a job in the motorcycle industry. I've never been happier! My wife, Brayde and I make it a point to go on at least one ride a year and we've explored most of the Western United States, Canada, Northern Mexico, Baja and Europe in the last 4 years. 

 I ride a 2006 BMW R1200GS and Brayde rides a 2007 BMW F650GS. They're perfectly matched bikes for traveling together and this fall we’re going to finally take one of our dream rides: Seattle to Tierra del Fuego.


The tires of our heavily-laden bikes bite into the freshly fallen snow that blankets the ground. We cautiously pull past the weather worn sign on the outskirts of Ushuaia which proudly reads “Bienvenidos a la Ciudad mas austral del mundo”, or “ Welcome to the southern-most city in the world.” 


We travel South on the margin of civilization, deep within the disputed territories of the Western Sahara, a vast uninhabited and inhospitable stretch of barren desert, long fought over, with Morocco and Mauritania laying hostile claim. To our left the Sahara silently reaches out, shifting sand lit by the fast rising sun. It is 9:00am and already 100 degrees.


African nations are often only known for their violence, power struggles and corrupt governments. However, there is a more positive side to South Africa and its neighbors to the northeast. There is genuine human warmth experienced daily, and for the most part you could easily be forgiven for thinking you are in a scene from a National Geographic documentary.


A little more than a year ago, Issa and Nita Breibish left their hometown Calgary in Canada with a BMW F650GS and R1200GS in order to discover something new. After more than 40,000 km they made a pit stop at Touratech in Niedereschach to equip their bikes with new shock absorbers and fork springs.


Heading home to Eagle, Colorado, Court Butler of Butler Motorcycle Maps stopped by our Seattle showroom the other day with his wife, Tammy, and their well traveled BMW Motorrad R1200GS.

After nine years, 230,000 miles, 76 countries and countless adventures, Simon and Lisa Thomas of 2RideTheWorld have arrived in Australia and were able to update us on their RTW motorcycle journey!

A photographer, interpreter, journalist and global adventurer, Ramona Schwarz continues to inspire other travelers with her photojournalism and enthusiasm for life and adventure.

An update from our friend Adam Shani, who is in the midst of a RTW motorcycle journey that began when he purchased a wrecked BMW Motorrad HP2 Enduro in South Africa 2.5 years ago.

Adam Shani, an Israeli diesel mechanic, purchased a wrecked BMW Motorrad HP2 Enduro in South Africa, repaired it, and started a Round-The-World trip 2.5 years ago. Since departing, Adam has explored 60 countries on four continents and has accumulated more than 80,000 miles on his BMW.
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