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2012 Triumph Tiger Explorer

Triumph just announced that it will add another model to its 2012 lineup, the Tiger Explorer. Triumph's newest Adventure motorcycle will be unveiled at the EICMA show in Milan on November 8th.

The Tiger Explorer will be the largest iteration of Triumph's adventure bikes, joining the Tiger 800 and Tiger 1050, both of which have been well received in the US.

The 2012 Explorer will feature a 1200cc, three-cylinder engine, which the UK-based company says will deliver "class-leading performance to the adventure touring market."

According to Triumph's press release, the Tiger Explorer will feature "Triumph's new ride-by-wire throttle system and includes cruise control, switchable ABS and traction control as standard."

"The unparalleled quality continues in the chassis department with a strong steel frame and cast alloy wheels, 19" front and 17" rear, the latter showcased by the stylish single-sided swingarm."

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This has been a long time coming for us Triumph fans. No doubt, the big BMW has 'dominated' the market in this class for some time, but I would argue that the pre 1050 Tiger 955i beat the GS hands-down in almost all categories for the real adventure tourer. It is/was lighter, faster, and far far smoother in both engine and transmission. Yes, it did not have a shaft drive, but many true adventures prefer a chain-drive, fixable throughout most of the world. But, the 955i excelled in the on/off world mostly by mistake, so I'm sure that when Triumph throws their efforts at it, the results will be spectacular.

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Not sure what to think. I'm a HUGE Triumph fan, with a Speed Triple and a Tiger 800 but I really feel like this Tiger (and the 1200GS) are heavy for their intended purpose. It's a personal thing but for me, the 800s are in teh sweet spot.

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