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Continental TKC 70

Continental now makes three different tires to cover the complete scope of use that our adventure bikes see. The Trail Attack is a roadfocused tire that has a great reputation as a sticky tread that works well in all road conditions. The TKC 80 is an off-road focused tire that manages to retain somewhat decent road manners and has been used by many long distance travelers and local riders alike. Everyone that has used a TKC 80 agrees that the tire just doesn’t last long enough. Continental’s new tire, the TKC 70 fills the gap between these two tires by giving riders a 60/40 option tire that should last a long time on the pavement without giving up too much traction in the dirt.


Continental uses an impressive tire production technique that they call “MultiGrip” to cure the tire tread surface at different temperatures creating grip/wear resistance properties in different sections of the tire. This allows the TKC 70 to provide excellent cornering grip, even on wet pavement, while still offering long highway life down the center strip of the tire. The process gives the tire properties similar to dual compound tires but creates a much smoother transition between the different grip zones.


In recent years, many riders have started mixing types and brands of tires in search of the perfect combination for completing a Backcountry Discovery Route. A BDR trip usually consists of at least 500 miles of highway riding on either end of a 600+ mile unpaved journey. The Heidenau K60 Scout has proven itself as a long wearing rear tire that is still decent in the dirt and many riders have been using it with a Continental TKC 80 on the front of their bike. The Heidenau however is not well known for being a good rain tire and its very stiff carcass makes it difficult to mount or dismount. When comparing the rear tire tread of the TKC 70 and the K60 Scout it is easy to see that Continental has done their best to build a better Heidenau.

At this time, the new Continental TKC 70 has only been tested by a select group of media riders. Here at Touratech USA we are very eager to test this tire in the real world and see how it works as a longer lasting rear tire for our big Adventure bikes. Look forward to a ride report as soon as we can get our hands on the new Continental TKC 70.

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Is there a best guess date when the 70s will be available for purchase in the USA?

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At this time we are expecting a late Fall delivery. We don't have any solid info yet but we will be doing a tire review ASAP and the tires should be available for pre-order soon.

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