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Bike Build - BMW G650GS Sertao

Touratech is excited to have the BMW G650GS Sertao available to our adventure touring customers. The Sertao is the latest iteration in a long line of reliable 650cc single cylinder adventure bikes from BMW. The first of which was the F650GS Dakar, which had a 21-inch spoke front wheel, long-travel suspension and excellent fuel range. It was the choice of many motorcycle travelers including world record setting adventurer, Lisa Thomas, who has logged nearly 200,000 miles while visiting 73 countries over the last eight years.


For the last few years, BMW offered their 650 single cylinder bike with pavement oriented mag wheels and a less adventure-ready suspension configuration. BMW listened to the desires of the adventure community and has created a machine with an appetite for off-road travel, and in a size and price point well below that of its bigger twin cylinder brothers, the F800GS and R1200GS. For 2012, BMW has delivered adventure riders a proper 650cc adventure machine, the G650GS Sertao.


Touratech is celebrating the arrival of this exciting new machine by building a Sertao project bike. We've added ergonomic upgrades, bolted on the essential protection items and given it luggage solutions that enable the bike to hit the road for extended travel.



We put this video together to highlight the build and to share our first impressions after getting it dirty in the backcountry.


Fairing Crashbars - 300-5161


These stainless steel fairing crash bars from Touratech offer extremely rugged protection for your BMW G650GS or Sertao. These bars are designed to protect your expensive fairing plastics in the case of a fall. The electro-polished stainless finish, means they'll always stay looking nice and bright.


Engine Crashbars - 300-5160


These stainless steel engine crash bars from Touratech offer extremely rugged protection for your BMW G650GS or Sertao. These bars are designed to protect the lower engine cases and controls in the case of a fall. The electro-polished stainless finish, means they'll always stay looking nice and bright.


Expandable Touring Tank Bag - 300-5801


This expandable touring tankbag for the BMW F650GS single, and G650GS is a great piece of luggage for both touring, and quick trips.


Made of Teflon-coated Cordura, this tank bag is extremely tough and resistant to light rain and dust.


ZegaPro Pannier System - 052-3155


The legendary ZEGA panniers have provided secure dry storage for adventure riders the world over. The engineers at Touratech have retained the proven mounting design and rugged construction while enhancing the looks and features for the next generation ZEGA PRO.


Auxiliary HID Xenon Light - 300-5480


This HID Xenon auxiliary light from Touratech is one of the brightest lights you can install on your BMW G650GS.


Using a twenty-thousand volt ballast, this HID light is able to produce an extremely powerful and bright beam while only using about 35 watts of power. The HID technology is far brighter than any other halogen light or stock headlight on the BMW G650GS. It puts out so much light, you won't even be able to see your stock high beam light under the HID's beam.


This kit comes complete with everything you'll need to mount and wire up the HID Xenon light and ballast on the Left side of your BMW G650GS.


Auxiliary Fog Light - 300-5476


Touratech auxiliary fog lights for the BMW G650GS are a great addition to your motorcycle that will increase your safety and visibility while commuting and touring at night, or in the bad weather.


This light kit comes with everything you need to mount a 55w halogen fog light to the right side of your G650GS. The light's wide and low beam is perfect for lighting up the road in front, and around you in the rain or fog.


Zega Pro Topcase System - 300-57XX


The Zega Pro Topcase from Touratech is the perfect piece of touring luggage for your BMW G650GS, F650GS, Sertao, or Dakar motorcycle. These top cases are made of the highest quality materials and the Rapid-Trap quick-release system makes it a breeze to remove from your BMW when needed. Everything you need to install the top case on your BMW 650 is included in this package.


Made from lightweight and durable aluminum, the Zega Pro top cases set the bar very high for quality build and finish. The cases can be equipped with an optional key lock for maximum security. The hinges and latch are constructed from laser-cut stainless steel for maximum strength and durability. The Zega Pro Top cases come in both 25 and 38 liter sizes and are available in raw aluminum, anodized black or anodized silver finishes.


Zega Pro top cases mount to a specially designed stainless steel topcase rack which easily installs onto existing mounting points on any model year BMW R1200GS. The bright stainless steel rack ensures the best durability, and stays looking nice with no paint or coatings to worry about.


GPS Bracket Adapter - 300-5415


This GPS bracket adapter from Touratech lets you keep your GPS device or road book firmly in view, above the BMW G650GS gauges. No more looking down or distractions to the side - your eyes are always pointed at the road.


The mounting plate attaches neatly to the existing mounting points behind the windscreen on the BMW G650GS. No drilling or modifications required. Nearly all Touratech GPS mounts can be easily fitted to the mounting adapter's 12 mm center bar.


Large Sidestand Foot - 300-5275


This large sidestand foot for the BMW G650GS from Touratech doubles the surface area of the side stand base, so even heavily loaded motorcycles will stay safely standing on soft ground.


Adjustable Windshield Bracket - 300-5330


With the great success of its line of Desierto fairings, Touratech decided to apply the same technology to the BMW G650GS. This windscreen adjustment bracket for the G650GS gives you infinite height and angle adjustment for the stock BMW windscreen.


Aluminum Skid Plate - 300-5135


The design for this aluminum skid plate from Touratech was originally proven on the F650GS in the Paris-Dakar Rally. Now, it has been adapted for the BMW G650GS and Sertao.


Made from 4mm thick aluminum, this engine guard is significantly stronger than the stock guard and will protect the full length of the engine against bottoming out or impacts with solid objects off-road.


Quick Release Clear Headlight Guard - 300-5090


Touratech headlight guards have been thoroughly tried and tested over the years. Even the biggest stones wont be able to damage your headlight with this quick release clear guard for the BMW G650GS.


This version of the clear headlight guard features a quick release mounting system that will allow you to remove the guard for cleaning, or any other reason.


Exhaust Heat Shield - 300-5070


Install this manifold heat shield from Touratech on your BMW G650GS or Sertao to stop your passenger's pants getting destroyed by the hot exhaust pipe.


It significantly adds to the functionality of the wire guard that comes stock the BMW G 650 GS, which provides good protection for the boots but not for the pant legs above.


Chain Guard - 300-5045


This chain guard from Touratech not only offers great protection, it also looks fantastic on the BMW G650GS


The actual chain cover is made from lightweight anodized aluminum, which is supported on sturdy 2 mm thick stainless steel.


Heel Guard - 300-5025


As well as protecting the brake cylinder and frame from the heel of your boot (and vice-versa), this heel guard from Touratech also guards these sensitive motorcycle components on your BMW G650GS or F650GS single against stones or other hazards if the bike falls over when you're riding off-road.


ABS Sensor Guard (Rear) - 300-5010


The rear ABS sensor is a critical part of the safety system on the BMW G650GS and also very vulnerable. Touratech has developed this simple protection item to keep your bike on the road during that long tour. Made of strong laser cut stainless steel, this guard will protect your rear ABS sensor against flying rocks and other debris you might encounter on, and off pavement.


ABS Sensor Guard (Front) - 300-5005


The front ABS sensor is a critical part of the safety system on the BMW G650GS and Sertao and also very vulnerable. Touratech has developed this simple protection item to keep your bike on the road during that long tour. Made of strong laser cut stainless steel, this guard will protect your front ABS sensor against flying rocks and other debris you might encounter on, and off pavement.


Low Front Fender - 040-0235


Prevents the cold, dirty shower. True protection from mud and water.


With the standard version water sprays from the ground in front of the cockpit when it is raining ... covering the rider's face with mud. This mudguard works very well!


It is lightweight, easy to fit and it is hardly noticeable because of it's black color, it's perfect!


Front Fork Guards - 300-0145


Specially developed for the stock F650GS and Dakar forks to protect against rocks, branches, road debris and other hazards. The guards attach to the fork legs at the top. Stainless Steel guides attached to the lower front fork brace control the motion. Does not block airflow to the radiators as large fork gaiters. Also protects fork seals from excessive exposure to dirt and dust.


Touratech Centerstand - 300-0135


A centerstand makes it much easier to do chain, rear wheel maintenance and oil changes. And a vertical motorcycle takes up less space in the garage. In many cases the bike is more stable when vertical, especially considering how far the F650GS-dakar leans over on the sidestand, the bike just looks better standing straight up!


Footpeg Relocation Kit - 300-0040


Footpeg relocation kit. Better rearward standing position for off-road riding. Moves position 2 inches rearward. Includes new left and right side support brackets, and the shifter and brake pedal are shortened accordingly. The footpegs 300-0041 are included in the kit.


Radiator Guards - 300-0130


Aluminum protection for the radiator from sticks and rocks. Intelligent flap design minimizes effect on cooling air flow but maximizes protection at very light weight.


Touratech GD Hand Guards - 300-5650


These hand protectors are made of virtually indestructible plastic; they are modern in design, offer a high level of protection, and can easily be fitted to the BMW G650GS & Sertao using the included mounting hardware.


Handlebar Risers (34mm) - 300-5255


Adding a set of Touratech handlebar risers to your BMW G650GS or Sertao is one of the easiest way to improve the ergonomics of your motorcycle while sitting or standing.


Our handlebar risers will give you a much more upright and relaxed riding position while providing easier handling, and less fatigue to your shoulders and wrists.

Comments (8)

Schweeeeet! Is this bike for sale? I want it!

By on

I added up the cost of the stuff you put on it is $5368.60 plus tax and instalation. Lets see the bike cost about $10,000 plus. That makes a $16,000 650cc dual sport adventure bike, that is a lot. Would be better to find a nearly new GS1200 for the same or spend $7000 makeing a Jap bike purfect.

By on

@ Jon No one is forcing you to buy either the Sertao or the items listed in this build. I, for one, WILL be buying everything minus the luggage for mine. And frankly I like having a bike that is being dogged by the haters that simply hate it because they want it and can't afford it.

By on

I actually just bought a Sertao, it is a great bike. I can live without the bling but will very likely buy the protection parts. Given the off road ability of the bike I have decided to go with Giant Loope Great Basin instead of hard cases for now also. The goal is function. You made a very pretty bike.

By on

Just finished getting back from Sturgis, via Spokane, Yellowstone, Mt Rushmoore, Vegas, the California Coast, 4077 miles, bike did great. I think I will add the hard bags, to have a place to lock my computer, go pro, etc, soft luggage road really high. This is good all around small bike. Not the best on interstates with speed limit of 80 mph though.

By on

I like everthing you have done to your bike,but now your bike build is worth more then your BIKE...Im jealous. If i had the $$$$$ i would do the same.

By on

I now have a $15000 Sertao. Works well, thinking about the $2700 gas tank, then I will be getting close to a $20,000 Sertao, that's an expensive 650cc bike. I have 12,000 miles on the bike about 30% dirt riding. I now do dual sport rides with my daugther, nice bike. Touratech needs to make better suspension for this bike.

By on

The video looks really cool. fork guards look different but good <a href="">bmw servicing</a>

By on

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