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BMW's Water Cooled R1250GS

Earlier this week a few photos of BMW's new water-cooled R1250GS found their way onto the internet. Hoping to stay ahead of the competition, it looks like BMW has finally updated the venerable GS with a water-cooled engine.

While we're all pretty excited to see what BMW has done to their flagship GS, it sounds like the new R1250GS won't be available until 2013.

In addition to a liquid-cooled 1250cc boxer engine, the new R1250GS appears to have an updated aesthetic, to include a new headlight and windscreen design.

Click HERE for additional information.

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The next generation, ready for her !!!!!!!!

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It's extremely ugly. It looks like something out of a fiction movie.

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I've enjoyed being able to occasionally glance down at BMW's distinctive opposed cylinders when riding. The higher new engine positioning will make for an even better view.

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Yeah like you didn't know dear Touratech... You found out about the model with the spy photos... yeah right. (actually ok the article author MIGHT have been like that, but not whole Touratech ;))

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Are you guys working on the Adventure cases? Will they be the same as the current ones?

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Cheers rendog, glad you like the site and many thknas for the link from your site. New rides added every few days to plenty of great rides to come!

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