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Touratech Nuda-X-Cross at Erzberg Rodeo

Touratech Nuda-X-Cross will Race at this year's Erzberg Rodeo. After the BMW F800GS enduro conversion, the Black Forest based Adventure Motorcycle outfitter, Touratech, is now planning a new surprise at the legendary Erzberg Rodeo. In addition to competing in the Hare Scramble with their top rider, Gerhard Forster, on his Husqvarna TE449, Touratech will also contest the "Generali Iron Road Prolog" with two extremely modified Husqvarna 900R Nuda bikes, what they're calling the Touratech Nuda-X-Cross.

Every year, more than 1,500 off-road fans from all over the world set out to Eisenerz, a small village in the Austrian Alps. Here, they will take on the the most extreme enduro challenge, and at the end of the day, only a handful of the competitors will reach the finishing line. It is not without good reason that the Erzberg Rodeo is one of the last adventures in which even the toughest men reach their physical limits.

From June 7th-10th, Touratech Racing will be on the start of the Erzberg Rodeo to conquer the iron mountain for the third time. Once again, Touratech's top rider, Gerhard Forster, will participate in the Red Bull Hare Scramble with his Husqvarna TE449, ready to challenge the mountain. Last year, Foster was the best four-stroke finisher and the top German participant at the Red Bull Hare Scramble.

But also with the "Generali Iron Road Prolog," Touratech has two hot irons in the fire:
For the world's biggest off-road race, taking place on a 13.5 km long gravel road, Touratech's designers and technicians turned two Husqvarna 900R Nuda bikes into true off-road racers. "We test our products and designs under the toughest conditions," says Touratech Managing Director Jochen Schanz, "on long distance travels, which are a real test of the equipment, as well as on hard enduro events. Only products which pass these tests will meet our customers' requirements."

With the two Nuda-X-Cross bikes, a number of Touratech accessories were used, such as engine and radiator guards, hand protectors, off-road foot pegs and optimized suspension components. "For example, we've fitted new Tracitive Suspension fork legs by Touratech, Lars Wurdemann, the race team technician, explains.

Wurdemann, who is responsible for this road bike conversion, will race in the prologue with one of the two Nuda-X-Cross bikes. He is used to such big bikes: Last year he finished in the Welsh 12-hours "Dawn to Dusk" enduro race with Touratech's F800GS enduro conversion.

The rider of the second Nuda-X-Cross is Marco Straubel. It wasn't hard to convince him; the two keywords "Touratech" and "Erzberg" were all the four-time German Enduro Champion and former Vice European Champion needed to assure his participation.

Touratech will report live from the Erzberg Rodeo all weekend long on Facebook and right here on our blog. Click HERE for additional images.

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