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Touratech's Expedition Skid Plates

Touratech has set a new standard for engine protection with their new line of Expedition Skid Plates. Built to withstand the rigors of a serious expedition or a wild weekend ride, Touratech’s Expedition Skid Plate features an ultra-strong stainless steel sub-mount, 4mm thick aluminum shell construction (with corrugated channels for extra strength) and replaceable polyamide nylon sliders.

The Expedition Skid Plate offers complete coverage for the engine, and features a low-profile design allowing for maximum ground clearance, while the nylon sliders protect bolt heads, absorb impact forces and provide a sliding surface for overcoming obstacles. Expedition Skid Plates are available for BMW’s water-cooled R1200GS, the 2013 and newer F800GS and KTM’s new 1190 Adventure and Adventure R. 

Click HERE to see our complete line of Expedition Skid Plates.


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nice place to check your brakes!! Mt. Washington! aaaaa! took that trip on on a bike FZR100 it was a blstay except the top SNOW! bur seriously thanks for all the great videos they are a great help..wish i wuda had that camera mount for my ride

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