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GlobeRiders "Tips From The Road" - Oil Cooler Guard

Helge Pedersen, famed adventure rider and author of "10 Years on 2 Wheels," took some time during GlobeRiders' recent 'Africa Adventure,' to film a handful of informative 'Tips from the Road.' In this installment, Helge reminds us why an oil cooler guard is so important for the R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure.

A punctured oil cooler is messy and has the potential to stop a motorcycle in its tracks. An Oil Cooler Guard from Touratech is the best way to prevent the problem from happening. If you don't have a proper Oil Cooler Guard, you can fix a punctured oil cooler on your own, no matter where you are. Here's a tip from the road for fixing a punctured oil cooler.

- Helge Pedersen

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I live and ride daily in Memphis Tn. The summers down here are brutal with temps in the high 90's (F) from June through Aug. How much impact on bike cooling does the guard have. I'm concerned about overheating the bike since I ride every day in an urban setting and only a couple of times a month off road.

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Larry, This oil cooler guard has been used by travelers in the hottest places in Africa reliably for many years. As with any cooler guard, it is going to slightly reduce the airflow to the cooler behind it. We have noticed the bikes run slightly hotter than normal (1 bar at the most) but typically don't overheat any faster than normal during hot weather riding or traffic-jam type settings. The Touratech oil cooler guards are engineered to have the maximum air flow, while still providing protection.

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I like the video very much thanks for sharing.

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