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Our friends over at Compass Expeditions – an industry respected international touring company - offers some of the most unique motorcycle touring experiences out there. Just look at their itineraries and you'll know why a Compass Expeditions tour was included in the National Geographic's 'Top 50 Tours of a Lifetime' list. Compass Expeditions owns their entire international BMW fleet, and have people such as Dakar legend Simon Pavey and the adventurer Charley Boorman leading their rides. Their South America motorcycle touring program is the most comprehensive available, and they are the recognized expert in running the epic Road of Bones Expeditions, amongst other "once-in-a-lifetime" motorcycling experiences.  

Click HERE for more detailed information and to book your next adventure!

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Hey Bob,I like riding with oethrs but I certainly prefer riding solo. I feel it is better for the meditation side of the riding experience, and it brings more of the adventure feeling onto the ride. Sorry I missed you when you were here that was the worst week of all the weeks so far in terms of intense activity.This summer has been the summer from hell. I've volunteered (well, people volunteered me) to so many projects, it has kept me away from taking days off during the week. I had several riding plans but in the end, I'm riding on Sundays only. My projects are being completed so it is likely I will be able to plan some days off soon, before the summer is over. Yes, that underground pub was good and unassuming. But a group of people showed up just before I arrived and it took at least 15 minutes just for the server to talk to me, another 30 minutes to get my burger. The Ona Restaurant is more upscale but it is not too expensive and there are more choices. I went back to the Ona a couple of weekends ago. Eventually I will get to report that trip as well.Cesar

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