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Remembering Greg Grewell

Our friend Greg Grewell taught many to ride and was a great ambassador for the sport. He loved motorcycle travel and compelled many friends to buy KTM’s and join in the adventures. Here are a few highlights from his adventures. Greg was loved by many family and friends and is truly missed every day. 

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Rest In Peace Brother... I am truly lost with out man... I will never forget you and never stop Loving you Greg. Ride On Bro!!!

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wow! i googled Gregs name and was so happy to see the pictures as well as the paragraph written for Greg!WE had a crazy passionate relationship as well as a strong friendship. He was always sure to make one laugh if they were down! always i will remember and smile when i think of Greg rideing ....thats when he was himself and free of the stresses of life! untill we meet again ....Trea!

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