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For Sale - Four Touratech Dream Bikes (SOLD)

UPDATE: All four of our former show bikes have been purchased by Gateway BMW Motorcycles in St Louis, Missouri.

Click HERE for details.

2001 BMW R1150GS w/ABS - 20,800 miles

Rare opportunity to buy a fully-outfitted BMW R1150GS Touratech show bike. This bike was built for tradeshow and display at events by Touratech-USA.

The bike has been ridden to events and rallies over the years. It is ultra-reliable and has been the work-horse of the Touratech-USA fleet over the years. It is equipped with nearly every Touratech part made for the R1150 GS including:

- 41L fuel tank

- Complete Pannier System (2x41L Special Set)

- Integral HID headlight

- Tapered aluminum handlebar kit

- One piece sport seat

- Crash bars

- Carbon kevlar skid plate

- Lowered stainless steel footpegs

This was the first show bike ever displayed by Touratech-USA. It has always been stored indoors in a heated showroom when not being ridden.

The bike is being offered at $9,750

2007 BMW G650X Challenge - 788 miles

One of the best equipped BMW G650X-Challenge motorcycles on the planet. The bike is set up with the Touratech Rally Fairing and 4.2 Gallon Touratech auxiliary tank which ads to the stock 2.4 gallon tank to give you a total fuel capacity of 6.6 and fuel range of nearly 300 miles.

The bike is set-up for world travel. The Touratech pannier racks for this bike exchange the lightweight aluminum rear subframe for a heavy duty steel subframe. The rally fairing adds necessary wind protection for this long-distance traveller, and the Xenon (HID) headlight offers a substantial lighting improvement over the original.

The bike is equipped with nearly every item in the Touratech catalog including: Radiator Guard, Chain Guard, Rally high-Fender, bar riders, rally footpegs, and more. The perfect bike to use for a rally raid event like the Toureg Rally or a serious adventure around your continent or around the world.

This bike features the very robust Rotax 650 dry sump motor, same motor that comes on the new 2012 G650GS Sertao. This bike has been on display in the Touratech showroom for a few years and has only been ridden 4-5 times with a total mileage of 788 miles.

The stock bike was purchased new from South Sound Motorcycles in 2008 for $8,485. Since then it has been made into the ultimate Touratech rally showbike with $7,000+ of aftermarket upgrades.

- Auxillary Fuel Tank

- Rallye Fairing Kit

- Rallye Skid Plate with tool storage

- Radiator Guard

- Pannier Rack and Steel Subframe (Zega Pro Panniers sold seperately)

Approximately the price you'd pay for a new BMW G650GS Sertao in stock condition.

The bike is being offered at $9,800 as is.

2001 BMW F650GS TT39 - 9,200 miles

Own a piece of history with Helge Pedersen's BMW F650GS equipped with the Touratech TT39 long-range fuel kit. This bike was owned and ridden by Helge Pedersen and is the actual motorcycle he rode in the GlobeRiders Iceland Documentary.

The bike will come with a DVD of this film autographed by Helge Pedersen. The motor is a Rotax 650 that was manufactured in Germany.

A TT39 equipped F650GS is a rare find in the US, not to mention one owned by one of the most renowned motorcycle adventurers in history. With a total fuel range of 39 liters (10.3 gallons) this bike can go distances of up to 600 miles between fuel stops. This is the same set-up used by world-record motorcycle adventurer Lisa Thomas who has put nearly 200,000 miles on the bike over an 8 year continuous motorcycle adventure.

The TT39 version F650GS is also the choice of Glen Hegstadd (stryking Viking) and Chris Morgan of Bear Trek.

- Touratech TT39 kit

- Zega Pannier System

This bike is being offered at $8,750

2002 Touratech TB 652 Oryx Enduro - 492 miles

This extremely rare Touratech TB 652 Oryx Enduro is one of only two known to exist in the United States.

This bike was built; starting with a 2002 BMW F 650 GS with only 492 miles. The bike is now 50 lbs lighter, has HID lighting and TOP shelf suspension components.

Almost every part of the F650GS was removed except for the engine, radiators, injection, wiring harness, frame, and swingarm. Then the $12,000 Touratech TB 652 Oryx Enduro Kit was added. This motorcycle is basically an $8,000 BMW with a $12,000 kit on it! Assembly labor on this special machine cost $2,500 and the paintjob was $1000. The bike has spent its entire life as a showbike. It's in pristine condition, new and unridden.

The Touratech TB 652 Oryx Enduro is a lightweight motorcycle based on the BMW F650GS. A weight reduction of 50 pounds was achieved by using a variety of high-quality, lightweight components.

The ORYX kit was developed by the Touratech raceteam as a project to see if the F650GS could be modified to be competitive with the smaller lightweight enduros. The Oryx project resulted in some amazing victories for the race team and ultimately was made available to the public as a limited edition kit.

The Oryx Enduro features WP 4357 front suspension, with 280 mm of wheel travel. The rear shock absorber is also a WP unit, with a remote reservoir. All bodywork is changed with new, lightweight styling. Up front, it has a carbonfibre fairing with an aircraft-like stainless steel structure supporting dual headlights. Lighting is a XENON (HID) high beam headlight and a projektor beam lowbeam. The wheels are replaced with super-strong Excel wheels in black with thick stainless steel spokes.

Under the seat and rear bodywork is a lightweight aluminum rear subframe. The conversion gives a whole new look to the F 650 GS! Sleek and lightweight, the bike feels like a completely different machine as well.

Click HERE for additional information on the TB 652 Oryx Enduro.

Asking price for this motorcycle is $10,000

If you're interested in adding any of these rare BMW motorcycles to your collection, call us 1-(800)-491-2926.

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I want that X-Challenge!!!

By on

How is a bike with 492 miles new and unridden?

By on

That is a great question Todd. The Oryx was built with a donor engine and frame from an F650GS that had 492 miles on it. The wheels, suspension, body work, lights and virtually everything else in the kit are brand new. The bike as you see it here, has been ridden around the block a few times to make sure everything works, but has never really be used beyond that.

By on

Has the X-Challenge had any suspension work done ?

By on

The suspension on this X-Challenge is bone stock. Our sales manager also has a X-Challange with an Ohlins in the rear and stock set-up in the front. His bike may be comming up for sale soon.

By on

Son of a motherless goat!

By on

dido what greg said....... how didn't i see these when they where available, amazing bikes!

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