PSSOR NW Expeditions - Impassable Hazards

Past Events
Aug 30, 2012 - Aug 31, 2012

Impassable Hazards
Region: Carson, WA / Columbia Gorge

Part of the allure when it comes to adventure traveling is that you never know for sure what the road or trail will present you. Even the best laid plans and routes can be fouled by washouts, mud pits, ruts, deep sand, downed trees and water crossings. We'll cover things such as:

- Judging risk and deciding if the route is passable.
-Enhancing riding ability to traverse different hazards.
- Enhancing traction management skills.
- Apply improved skills on an "impassable route".
- Recovery using manual and powered systems.

This expedition will take you on a route that includes hazards you might consider impassable. We will show you ways to reduce the risk and still make it through. This expedition is as much about riding skill as it is having tools to assist you.

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