KLR 650 Owners Group Rally at the COBDR

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Jul 23, 2014 - Jul 29, 2014

The KLR 650 Owners Group is organizing their First Annual KLR 650 Owners Group Rally on the COBDR this year.

The rally is open to all ADV bikes.

The dates are Wednesday, July 23rd through Tuesday July 29th, 2014.  

Meeting location in Cortez, CO on Tuesday July 22nd.

Details are still being finalized, so check back soon for more information, or join the KLR group on Facebook to receive the updates. 

Below is some additional information we received from the Rally Organizer Dave Kubler.

Route Planning/Mapping: We will be following the COBDR whenever possible. There will be alternate routes, and everyone is free to ride and follow whatever they want. The GROUP will follow the COBDR, and will not entertain debates about where/which way to go. There will be plenty of maps about, plus GPS units galore.

Camping/Hotels: The official GROUP will be planning/expecting to be trailside camping. That does not mean we won’t be at a campsite 1 or more nights….but I do not want to PLAN on that, be prepared for non campsite camping. There ARE hotels that can be found near the route. However, remember if you are planning on using hotels, it will be YOUR job to make it back to the group in order to ride together. We will be deciding official ‘roll out’ times to break camp as to be able to have hotel folks be able to coordinate how to meet up We will make efforts to make camp in areas where meeting back up is appropriate. I will say again, using hotels MAY cause difficulty in leaving/joining back up with the group. We may be better suited letting the hotel folk ride together.

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