PSSOR NW Expeditions - Trail Side Maintenance & Repair

Past Events
Jul 12, 2012 - Jul 13, 2012

Trail Side Maintenance & Repair
Region: Stevens Pass / Skykomish, WA

Breakdowns suck. Motorcycles are not foolproof tools that we ride. They require constant inspection and adjustment to run well and go the distance we need them to. We'll show you how to:

- Perform detailed inspections.
- Adjust controls for ergonomics and free play.
- Clean and adjust drive chains.
- Fix flat tires (tube type and tubeless type).

During this Expedition there will be "pop quizzes" where a theoretical (or real) problem occurs, and your ADV Instructors will show you how to fix it.

Having the right tools is also important when traveling. We'll put each of you through a barrage of tests to simulate things you will most likely have to do during a multi-day trip.

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