PDA Bag + mount STD (MvG)

PDA Bag + mount STD (MvG)

Part Number: 11068

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This PDA bag mount was used for display purposes. It is missing the stylus and is a little bit dusty from sitting.

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MvG super-vibration isolation bracket with special made soft case for PDAs / Palm units (without antenna). Water-resistant zipper and material.
Bag disconnects from the mount by separating the velcro, then rotate to disconnect a plastic interlock. Very secure, yet easy to remove when desired.
  • MvG-Mounting
  • PDA-Bag STD,
  • stylus
  • 2 foam spacer pads
  • approximate internal dimensions:
    150mm(L), 90mm(W), 25mm(H) or 5 7/8"(L) x 3 1/2"(W) x 1" (H).

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