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KTM 950/990 LC8 Adventure light cowling twin headlights DE/Xenon, blue

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Part Number: 370-0105
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The appearance of a motorbike is determined by the headlights and front fairings, the so-called "Face".
A face lift changes things! So does the new light cover with two headlights making it reminiscent of the Rallye 950, a hint of Dakar. The new front cover measures 44cm in height, which is 10 cm lower than the original. The front cover is also curled at the top, providing the option to put a roadbook or other instruments on it.
The two headlights are operated by the original switch on the handlebars. A journey in the dark is not a journey into the unknown with a Xenon (HID) headlight. The high-efficiency HID lamp takes about 90Watts to start, then after a few seconds, drops to a sustained 60W draw, while producing more light than 150 watts of Halogen lighting. Furthermore, the color temperature is more like daylight, so driving at night is more comfortable.
The headlights are fitted onto the original brackets with a strong bracket. The light cover is placed and also fitted onto the screws of the original windscreen.
NOTE: The wiring and plugs supplied with this light fits the European version KTM ONLY. It does not plug in directly to a US-Version LC8. Minor wiring alteration is necessary to adapt this light to the US version LC8.
  • New Styling
  • Main HID light is so bright that auxilliary lighting is unnecessary