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Engine & Exhaust Accessories for BMW R1200GS & GS ADV

Touratech parts & accessories for BMW R1200GS engine and exhaust systems. Product categories include engine protection items like locking oil filler caps, engine guards, folding shift levers, oil resistant and ceramic clutches and upgrades including exhaust systems, TPS 15 CAN bus Output helper accessory fuse block, Voltage Control modules, and more.
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044-0870  UNI Foam Air Filter, R1200GS / ADV / HP2, 2005-1013 (Oil Cooled)
044-0875  UNI Prefilter Set, BMW R1200GS / Adv, HP2 / KTM 1190
044-3012  Exhaust flap protection BMW R1200GS/ADV/RT/nineT, 2010-2013
044-0210  Locking Oil Filler Cap R1200GS, R1200R, R1200RT & HP2
044-0212  7mm Hex Oil Filler Cap R1200GS, R1200RT, R1200R & HP2
045-5230  Torx T50 Oil Filler Cap, Black, BMW R1200GS / ADV / R / RT all years
044-0214  Torx T50 Oil Filler Cap , Silver, R1200GS, R1200R, R1200RT & HP2
070-0690  Fuel Siphoning Adapter Line R1200GS FEMALE (up to 2007)
044-0760  Gear Lever Folding Tip, R1200GS Adventure, (oil or water cooled)
044-0450  TPS 15 CAN Bus Output Helper (fuse block)
070-0692   Fuel Siphoning Adapter Line R1200GS MALE (up to 2007)
044-0430  Folding Shift Lever R1200GS