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Ceramic Clutch R1200GS, Adventure & HP2 180mm

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Part Number: 040-0353
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Hi-Performance clutches for BMW GS bikes by Sachs, tested worldwide since 2001. Narrow and steep mountain roads, combined with heavy loads or passenger, is an endurance test for the R1200 clutch which has a fairly low capacity for heat. The clutch of the R1200GS, subjected to the large torque of the boxer cannot withstand the extreme stress of off-road or sports riding. For example it can burn up in a few minutes if you are stuck in the sand.

There is a solution; our ceramic clutch has been developed in South Africa for use on Africa's extreme trails and for off-road trips. Since its introduction it has gained a worldwide reputation as extremely reliable and long-running. While the big boxer can certainly destroy any clutch, our ceramic clutch has a much higher capacity for abuse than the original. Two benefits to the normal rider are the safety of the higher capacity (for difficult situations) and if ridden normally, this toughness results in a much longer clutch life. You can depart on an extended trip without planning for clutch replacement. This longevity comes at a cost; the racing clutch has a more abrupt transition to engagement and the aggressive, crisp feel will be a noticeable departure from the refined smoothness of BMW controls.

Please note: As with any clutch replacement, a new pressure plate must be installed at the same time and the flywheel surface must be evaluated by a certified technician. The running-in period for the ceramic clutch is approx. 3,000 miles. You can ride your bike as usual, but you should allow for a few thousand km 'running in' prior to leaving on a longer trip. During the running-in period you should not ride under extreme conditions (such as overheating the clutch). No shimming is required on 040-0353 installation on R12GS/HP2.
  • 1.8 mm laser-cut stainless steel
  • 8 ceramic friction pucks (riveted)
  • Racing technology
  • Made in South Africa by Sachs
  • Designed and Tested in South Africa for many years and on tracks world-wide
  • Has a much higher capacity for abuse
  • Excellent workmanship and exacting tolerance
  • Maximum thickness for maximum life
  • Under normal usage it can last the "LIFE OF A MOTORBIKE"

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