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Chassis and Suspension Accessories for BMW R1200GS & GS ADV

Touratech has a wide selection of Chassis and Suspension upgrades & accessories for BMW R1200GS and GS ADV motorcycles. Products include Front & Rear Shocks, after-market Footpegs, Brake Lever & Brake Lever Extensions, Larger Sidestand Foot and Sidestand Foot Spacers, Telelever Pivot Covers & More.
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044-5880X  Touratech Explore HP Rear Shock, BMW R1200GS & Adventure
044-5875X  Touratech Explore Front Shock, BMW R1200GS & Adventure
044-5860X  Touratech Explore Rear Shock, BMW R1200GS & Adventure
044-5870X  Touratech Extreme Rear Shock, BMW R1200GS & Adventure
044-5886X  Touratech Extreme Front Shock, BMW R1200GS & Adventure
044-5865X  Touratech Expedition Rear Shock, BMW R1200GS & Adventure
044-5885X  Touratech Explore HPe Rear Shock, BMW R1200GS
044-5858  Touratech Suspension Steering Damper, BMW R1200GS/ADV 2004-2013 Oil Cooled
040-0433  Ohlins Front Shock R1200GS
040-0437  Ohlins Shock R1200GS ADVENTURE Rear
040-B-543  R1200GS, Ohlins Deluxe Rear shock
040-0435  Ohlins Shocks R1200GS LOW Front and Rear shocks (set)
040-0436  Ohlins Shock R1200GS ADVENTURE Front
040-0434  Ohlins Rear Shock R1200GS
044-3014  Front Fork Decal Kit, BMW R1200GS / ADV, 2008-on
040-1304  Neoprene Fork Seal Protectors, BMW R1200GS, R1150/1100GS
610-0034  Pivot cover Telelever left & right, R1200R, R1200GS, R1200GS ADV