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Specialty Parts for BMW R1200GS and GS ADV

Shop our selection of Specialty Parts and Accessories for BMW R1200GS and GS ADV motorcycles. Products include GPS Mount Adapters, GPS Mounting Brackets, Cross Bars, Horn Button Protection, Folding Adjustable Length Mirrors and Throttle Cruise Control and more.
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045-5610  Toolbox for BMW OEM Pannier Rack, R1200GS & ADV, All Years
045-5506  Final Drive Breather Relocation Kit, BMW R1200GS / ADV, 2010-on (Oil & Water Cooled)
100-051X  Wheel Decal Set, BMW R1200GS & Adventure
065-0289  Universal GPS Power Connector, BMW CAN-BUS System
044-3034  Horn button protection BMW R1200GS/ADV/R, HP2, F800/650(Twin)GS (up to 2012)
041-0626  Long Distance Footpegs (expanded rear) R11xxGS, R1200GS/ADV, F650GS, G650GS, F800/700/650GS(Twin) TR650(pair)
044-0380  Windscreen Hard Part R1200GS (Not for 2008+ bikes)
040-0274  Handlebar Risers R1200GS 30mm rise (up to 2007)
041-0625  Long Distance Footpegs (expanded front) R11xxGS, R1200GS/ADV, F650GS, G650GS, F800/700/650GS(Twin) (pair)
040-0648  Mirror extensions (Pair) for BMW F 800/700/650 (Twin) GS, R1200R, R1200GS, K1200R (M10X1.5)
040-0761  Mounting adapter-folding mirror (qty. 1) BMW F800/650Tw, HP2, R1200GS/ Adv.
044-0860  Studded Passenger (Pillion) Footpegs R1200GS, R1150GS
044-2300  Throttle Lock Cruise Control, BMW R1200GS / ADV 2005-2013 Oil Cooled
044-0650  Large Sidestand Foot - R1200GS (2005 model only)
044-3030  Large Sidestand Foot, BMW R1200GS / ADV, 2006-2013 (Oil Cooled)
044-0432  Adjustable Folding Shift Lever R1200GS / ADV up to 2013, (Oil Cooled)
091-0180  Globeriders R1200GS Adventure Touring Instructional DVD
044-2301  Throttle Lock Cruise Control, R1200GS / ADV, up to 2007
045-5230  Torx T50 Oil Filler Cap, Black, BMW R1200GS / ADV / R / RT all years
044-0450  TPS 15 CAN Bus Output Helper (fuse block)