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Touratech Fuel Line Guards are the top choice among BMW R1200GS world travelers like GlobeRiders' Helge Pedersen.

Fuel Line Guards, Fits all Oil Cooled BMW R1200GS, GSA and HP2

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Part Number: 044-0405
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Touratech Fuel Line Guards for BMW R1200GS / ADV / HP2

Touratech fuel line guards protect the fuel lines and fragile injector connections on your BMW R1200GS or GSA. Rocks, branches, and often the rider's own boot can disable the boxer motor by breaking the plastic connection to the injector on the R1200GS.


Protect yourself from this pesky problem by installing a Touratech Fuel Line Guard set. Precision crafted at the Touratech Factory in Germany, these stainless steel guards are strong and light weight.


Touratech Fuel Line Guards are 100% compatable with BMW factory cylinder head guards.


Electro polished satin finish.


Installation is easy.


This new version replaced the older 044-0404 part number.

  • Number one selling fuel line guard world-wide
  • 100% compatable with BMW factory cylinder head guards
  • Fits 2005-2012 BMW R1200GS,GSA and HP2
  • Includes both right and left protector
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Electro-polished satin finish
  • Protection for your fuel injectors, injector connections, and fuel lines
  • Made at the Touratech factory in Germany