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Crash Bars BMW HP2, Stainless Steel

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Part Number: 051-0570
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These crash bars have been designed to protect the Boxer engine. The requirement is to protect the cylinder heads without placing undue stress upon the engine housing. The method developed by Touratech engineers creates a bridge construction with a predetermined point of inflection". The design was created by TOURATECH in 2006, and tested by the TOURATECH race team to this day!

As a result the strain on this fastening screw thread is minimized and there is little force transferred to the engine housing. It would, of course, be a shame if the valve cover was protected but the engine housing destroyed. The connecting bar is a very robust design because of additional supports to the main frame. The crash bars are made of non-rust stainless steel. The HP 2 really needs this high-quality, refined material.

Most necessary maintenance work can be done without removing the crash bars.
  • BMW OEM plastic cylinder head guards will fit under these crashbars
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Bright Electropolished finish
  • Easy installation