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GPS Track Picker 120

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Part Number: 065-0610
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Our new Trackpicker is a great instrument: a highly accurate 12 channel GPS receiver combined with an integrated data logger with a capacity of up to 120,000 track points (non-volatile memory).

Small dimensions and a 100% water- and dust-proof design, allows use on motorbikes, cars, trucks, boats and aircraft. Velcro tape supplied is resistant to extreme temperatures. All it needs is 12vDC and a view of the sky. It can see thru glass, most plastics, some fibreglas.

At the moment the Trackpicker receives 12v, it starts recording trackpoints at the chosen intervals as you defined in the Trackpicker Manager Software. For example, speed and distance intervals can be considered into logging conditions.
Position (latitude and longitude), speed, heading, height and time are stored with high accuracy and a data rate which can be as high as 1 trackpoint per second. And it continues automatically until the 12v supply is terminated. It's trouble-free, and takes no action. If the vehicle key is inn the "on position"