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Touratech Power Cable for Garmin Quest w/ BMW Plug

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Part Number: 065-0256
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Fits Garmin Quest AND Touratech Mounts only. With BMW plug and audio plug. Has an in-line voltage reduction circuit. Can be hardwired into your bike as long as the voltage reduction circuit remains.

[*]Reduces 12vDC to 5vDC

[*]length: 40 inches

[*]voltage reduction module is 12 inches from Quest end
NOTE: This 5v power cable is for the Garmin Quest only, and is designed to be permanently mounted to TOURATECH mounts 065-0089, 0090, 0091, 0092. It DOES NOT fit properly on the GARMIN cradles or the RAM cradle. Caution: Using this 5v cord on a 3v GPS (such as eTrex, eMap, and ForeTrex) will damage the GPS.