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Fairing "Desierto II" Rallye 50

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Part Number: 040-0398
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Desierto II fairing prepared to accept TOURATECH Rallye instruments IMO100R50 and the RB-TT Motorized Roadbook.Touratech-designed, rally-tested all over the world, the R1150GS Desierto II fairing provides optimal protection for the rider from wind, branches, and other debris the road or trail might throw at you. Includes unpainted fairing, mini indicators and a special tinted windscreen with laminar flow lip to improve comfort and reduce buffeting at higher speeds.
Designed for use with Touratech IMO rallye instruments and stock headlights (including Touratech integral xenon high beam). Intended for full-on technical use off-road and around the world. Can be used with stock tank or Touratech 41 liter tank.
Suggested IMO rallye instrumentation:

[*]IMO 100R50 rallye

[*]Roadbook TT

[*]Control lamp Kit

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