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Bags & Straps

See our complete line of motorcycle bags, straps, map holders, locking devices, communication systems and first aid kits. We feature ROK Straps, Ortlieb Dry bags, Giant Loop, Scala Rider, Pac Safe, CycoActive and Touratech products.
Straps & Tiedowns, View All
3920-0342  Ancra X-Series Motorcycle Tie Down Straps (Pair)
055-0406  ROK Straps Adjustable 54 in. (LOOPS) (pair) (GET This set first)
055-0406B  ROK Strap, Adjustable 54in (Loops) (pair), All Black
055-0412  ROK Straps Strap-It, Pack Adjustable 42 Inch, with loops, Green
055-0412B  ROK Straps Strap-It, Pack Adjustable 42 Inch, with loops, Black
055-0403  ROK Straps All-Purpose 36 inch (pair)
055-0402  ROK Straps All-Purpose 24 inch (pair)
055-0401  ROK Straps All-Purpose 12 inch (pair)
055-0404  ROK Straps All-Purpose 60 inch (pair)
055-0405  ROK Straps Adjustable 60 inches (HOOKS) (pair)
055-0035  Bungee Cord Kit
055-0407  ROK - 30cm (12 inch) Strap It Flat (pr)
055-0410  ROK - 60cm (30 inch) Strap It Flat (pr)
055-0032  ARNO Strap, 40" Long, 3/4" Wide
055-0409  ROK - 60cm (24 inch) Strap It Flat (pr)
3102-000-000  Klim Tie-Down Straps
055-0030  ZEGA-Belt, each
055-0408  ROK - 45cm (18 inch) Strap It Flat (pr)