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Note that fog lights are meant to illuminate the area directly in front of and to the sides of your vehicle and can be used in traffic to aid in conspicuity as well as increase short-range visibility during nighttime and inclement weather driving. Fog lights differ from driving lights in that they are not meant to illuminate far down the road and should be installed to aim level with the ground and slighty down so as to not offend oncoming drivers. For drivers in rural areas fog lights can be very helpful in illuminating the sides of the road to avoid accidents with animals.</P>

Fog Light R1150GS & Adventure, Left side

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Part Number: 040-3001
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Left-side fog lamp for the R1150GS and R1150GS Adventure provides a wide fog-pattern beam of light to compliment the low beam for inclement weather driving and for added conspicuity in traffic. Hella-designed lamp features a razor sharp cut-off to prevent light from shining upwards blinding oncoming drivers or reflecting back into the driver's eye (by bouncing off rain and fog). See diagram of a fog pattern . Comes with a Touratech mount designed especially for this bike to place the lamp up and out of the way to prevent damage in a tip over making it especially good for riders who frequently go offroad, also includes wiring harness, waterproof cockpit switch and instructions.
  • 55w halogen H3
  • Beam spread for FOG
  • One lamp, R1150GS bracketry for LEFT side only
  • Switch and handlebar bracket included

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