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DVD- Mondo Enduro

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Seven motorcycles, 42,000 miles, 44 countries; with Austin Vince. As seen on the Discovery Channel


This trip has assumed a life of its own. Not particularly noteworthy on paper it, by chance, featured several interesting features that together, would go to make it one of the better known of the thousands of round-the-world trips of the last fifty years. These were:
  • It was the first recorded crossing of the Caucasus, Central Asia, Russia and Siberia making Mondo the first Europeans to reach Magadan post collapse of the Soviet Union.
  • The first attempt on the Zilov Gap (a name coined by the Mondo Team).
  • The full length of the American and African continents subsequent to the USSR making for a very long trip in 440 days.
  • Unprecedented use of small (350cc) dirt-bikes for a 40,000 mile journey
  • Unsponsored and unsupported. All team members quite definitely 'members of the public' with no expedition experience.
  • Ultra detailed diaries were recorded, a truly unique resource.
  • Almost the last of the big trips that pre-dated mobile phones and the internet making for a quaint, almost 1970s level of technical support.

Episode 1

From Mill Hill to Lake Baikal. Seven motorcyclists calling themselves Mondo Enduro try to ride the longest land route round the world, 40,000 miles, in the shortest possible time. Surviving incarceration in Turkey and the deserts of Central Asia, they run out of road at Lake Baikal. Can they make it through the swamps of Siberia or will they be forced to abandon their record-breaking attempt?

Episode 2

From Zilov to Zeebrugge. Now down to only three, the round-the-world motorcyclists of Mondo Enduro travel the length of the Americas from Alaska to Chile. They fly to South Africa, where they are joined by a fourth intrepid traveller. After numerous mechanical breakdowns and a horrific accident in Ethiopia, the finish line draws near.

  • Run Time: 120 Minutes

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