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Y-Pipe R1150GS

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Part Number: 040-3202
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This Y-Pipe replaces the front silencer (catalytic converter). If you will travel in countries where only leaded fuel is available this is essential otherwise your exhaust can be plugged. In the USA it is considered to be "off-road use only" because the vehicle's pollution controls will be altered.
Exchanging the front silencer for this Y-pipe reduces motorcycle weight by 9 lbs, reduces transmission temperature and the heat-discoloration of transmission paint. The exhaust system looks like a real motorcycle again, provides a noticeable increase in power output over the entire range. Much freer flow with noticeably more pulse pressure when you put your hand into the exhaust stream. Catalytic converter takes care of unburned fuel fumes and removing it can create backfiring. This is normal and can be minimized by using high temp silicone sealant in the joints to reduce air leaks.
  • Fits R1150GS and Adventure (as well as R1150R, Rockster)
  • Has fitting for oxygen sensor
  • Perfectly replaces catalytic converter can be used with BMW original rear silencer
  • Has a welded stop for the centerstand.
  • Weight 7 pounds
  • OEM catalytic converter weighs 16 lbs

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