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Twin DE Projector Headlights R1100GS

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Part Number: 040-1210
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The Touratech replacement headlight system for the R1100GS features dual headlamps with computer-designed optics to enhance useable light on the road in front of you in both traffic and open-road conditions. If you are looking to improve the forward lighting of your bike and give your bike a cleaner look this is the lighting system you should get.

The left-side low beam has a 55w halogen bulb cast through a DE projector lens that features a very sharp cut-off to enable a precise illumination of as much of the road ahead and to the sides as possible without blinding other drivers. The right-side is a 55w halogen bulb inside a high-beam parabolic reflector which throws a wide, strong beam far down the road to flood the darkness with light.

To maximize useable light on the road this headlight system uses the left-side low beam when running in traffic and both the low beam and the right-side high beam when running with the high beam turned on. This has the effect of throwing 110w of light down the road to effectively light up the sides of the road and the distance.

Lamps come pre-mounted in a CNC machined bezel that occupies the same volume vacated by the OEM headlamp. Installation is simple and does not require much more than unbolting and disconnecting the OEM unit and reattaching the new unit.
Wiring is the same as for the F650GS (instructions in English).