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TPS 15 CAN Bus Output Helper (fuse block)

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Part Number: 044-0450
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Packaging List
This product includes:
  • TPS-15 device
  • 1X 15A fuse (installed)
  • 1X Scotch-Loc wire tap
  • 10X 4" zipties
  • 10X spade connectors (F)
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With this practical little helper you can connect various electrical devices to the BMW CAN bus single-wire electrical system that you want to be controlled by the ignition (key on = accessories on, key off = accessories off). This fuse block allows the addition of electrical accessories to any motorcycle including any 2005 and beyond BMWs with the single-wire CAN bus system.

It's easy to add electrical devices directly to the battery of the R1200GS, but to turn them on and off by the key, that is another matter. The BMW's complex CAN bus system will switch off automatically after a short delay. When the red light at the left side of your handlebar turns off, so does your device! And so does the BMW outlet.

Basically the TPS 15 uses solid state electronics that allow you to add a device and/or power outlet that is switchable directly by the BMW key. It senses the position of the key switch then draws its power directly from the battery to supply your devices.


When you turn off the BMW key, the TPS 15 and it's devices or outlets downstream are deactivated immediately. 5 output terminals are provided and maximum output of the device is 15 amps total. This device is useful for any vehicle with 12-volt power that you want to be able to switch devices on and off with the ignition but do not want to draw power from the existing wiring harness.


WARNING: recommended for professional installation. Advisable to install vertical or open downward to allow moisture to drain out.

  • Potted and sealed fuse box with relay
  • Size: 2.9" X 2.0" X 0.8"
  • 5 output terminals (male, spade)
  • Battery wires: 18" long
  • Yellow trigger wire: 60" long