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IMO-100R50 Rallye

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Part Number: 011-0401
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The IMO-100R50 Rallye is the newest rallye computer from TOURATECH. With high-contrast DISPLAY! It combines the tried and true rally functions of the IMO-100R with very small dimensions,93 x 57 x 33mm (= 3.7 X 2.2 X 1.3in).

The IMO-100R50 Rallye has a robust, waterproof aluminium housing. Although it has been conceived as rally computer, it can be used as replacement speedometer. The IMO-100R50 Rallye accepts input of 6 to 30 volts DC or AC (for the power and backlight). You must mount a wheel speed sensor and magnet (included). A remote control thumb switch is available to operate the IMO-100R50 Rallye.The Rally IMO-100R50 can toggle between two different display modes:
Speedometer mode with daily trip odometer - OR -Odometer "Rally computer" mode: Total distance covered, and Section distance.
  • Distance can be corrected via remote control in steps of 10m, 50m or 100m or be edited at IMO-100R50 Rallye directly
  • Partial distance (stage) can be reset via remote control or at IMO-100 R directly
  • Total distance covered or stage with large or small display.
  • All of the IMOs can operate in "km" or "miles" by manipulating the wheel size factor.
  • constant backlight from external supply
  • Numbers are 16mm tall, (5/8 inch)