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Bags & Organization

Motorcycle Camping gear and accessories including tents, sleeping pads, pillows, stoves, cook sets & utensils, water storage & filters, pack towels, bags & more. Hilleberg, MSR, Thermarest, Ortlieb, Touratech, and Princeton Tech are just some of the brands we carry.
  • Backpacks
  • Klim Krew PakThis backpack from Klim is jam-packed with storage space and features. The Krew Pak boasts more than enough room for all your tools, water, and gear ...
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  • Klim Nac PakThis outdoor adventure ready backpack from Klim has all the compartments and features you need to bring along all the necessary tools, gear, water, an...
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  • Klim Scramble PakThe Scramble Pak from Klim is the perfect "fanny pack" or "bum bag" for dual-sport riding, dirt biking, and many other outdoor act...
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Straps & Tiedowns, View All
055-0406  ROK Straps Adjustable 54 in. (LOOPS) (pair) (GET This set first)
055-0406B  ROK Strap, Adjustable 54in (Loops) (pair), All Black
055-0412  ROK Straps Strap-It, Pack Adjustable 42 Inch, with loops, Green
055-0412B  ROK Straps Strap-It, Pack Adjustable 42 Inch, with loops, Black
055-0404  ROK Straps All-Purpose 60 inch (pair)
055-0405  ROK Straps Adjustable 60 inches (HOOKS) (pair)
055-0403  ROK Straps All-Purpose 36 inch (pair)
055-0035  Bungee Cord Kit
055-0407  ROK - 30cm (12 inch) Strap It Flat (pr)
055-0410  ROK - 60cm (30 inch) Strap It Flat (pr)
055-0401  ROK Straps All-Purpose 12 inch (pair)
055-0402  ROK Straps All-Purpose 24 inch (pair)
055-0409  ROK - 60cm (24 inch) Strap It Flat (pr)
055-0030  ZEGA-Belt, each
055-0408  ROK - 45cm (18 inch) Strap It Flat (pr)