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IMO-100R Sport (English)

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Part Number: 013-0011
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The IMO-100R SPORT is a complex electronic instrument that can be mounted on your motorcycle. It either replaces the standard instruments or is mounted in addition to the original dashboard. In addition to the standard speedometer and rev counter, you can select several odometer functions.

  • For use on all motorcycles with 12 volt electrical system (with or w/o battery)
  • Simple to fit
  • Provides a lot of information and encompasses many functions
  • Replaces nearly all standard instruments
  • Can be used as replacement instrument
  • Adjustable gearchange light (SPORT control lamp kit or single gearchange light)
  • Time of day, date
  • Speedometer and rev counter (simultaneous display)
  • Display of total distance travelled up to 999 999 (adjustable)
  • Two short distance recorders including average speed (with and without break times)
  • Records and stores maximum speed
  • Battery voltage indicator incl. generator monitoring
  • Motor temperature indicator with warning function
  • Backward counter indicating distance to destination including arrival time and time to destination
  • Lap recorder stores up to 300 laps including distance covered, driving time, average speed and lap time
  • Accelerometer not available in English version (Avail in German and French versions only)
  • Stop watch not available in English version (Avail in German and French versions only)
If you are a racing enthusiast, you will appreciate the accelerometer, maximum speed indicator and the stop watch. The computer also provides you with important information about your motorcycle, such as motor temperature (including alarm temperature) and battery status. It stores data for up to 300 laps, including lap distance, average speed and lap time. After the race you can analyse your performance at the click of a button.
Switchable basic display:

  • RPM large digits
  • Speedo large digits
  • RPM analog (see screen shots)
All of the IMOs can operate in "kilometers" or "miles" by manipulating the wheel size factor.
For the English version the portion of the computer which calculated acceleration and stopwatch is now used to convert liters to gallons and Celsius to Fahrenheit.
Delivery includes all sensors and cables.
An adapter may be necessary for installing the motor temperature sensor.
Case size: 120mm X 80mm X 34mm, approximately 4.75 x 3.2 x 1.3 inches). The contrast control knob protrudes 9mm on the left side. When connected to an external power source, a constant backlight for the display is available.

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