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Standard Control Lamps Kit (LED Dash Lights)

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Part Number: 030-0030
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Control lamps (also called "dash lights") are extremely useful indicators. Bright LEDs get your attention. This group of LEDs is very compact and can replace or add visibility for your systems. Perfect for customized or stripped dash. Two rows of three, staggered pattern for easy identificaton.
[/list]Integrates with IMO motorcycle computers:
  • Adapter plate L-I-K to mount kit to the IMO-100R or IMO-100R300 computers
  • Adapter plate RB-I-K to mount kit to the RB-TT
  • 12 volt input, very low current requirement
  • LEDs last almost forever
  • Plastic housinig with Aluminum face plate
  • Waterproof
  • Size: 50 x 30mm X 25mm deep
  • Lightweight: 100g including connection cable
  • Includes 12-pin connector and pins for integration to your system
  • Two independent wires for each LED