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AMP superseal 1 pole connector set

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Part Number: 015-0079
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Packaging List
This product includes:
  • 1X male plug housing 1-pole
  • 1X female plug housing 1-pole
  • 2X male terminal (+1 spare)
  • 2X female terminal (+1 spare)
  • 2X wire seals
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1-pole connector pair to create waterproof connections.Includes plug housing, crimp contacts and seals. These connectors were developed for airbag restraint systems and are thus extremely reliable.
NOTE: these connectors are the BEST. But assembly is intricate with small parts, and once assembled, it cannot be taken apart.
  • 1-wire sealed connection
  • 170W@12v=14 AMP rating continuous
  • Suitable for 14-22 AWG wire (Very common size on motorcycles)

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