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055-0044 is a matched pair of locks for one pannier case.

Integral Locks for Zega (PAIR, for one pannier)

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Part Number: 055-0044
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All of our ZEGA Panniers feature a very rugged locking mechanism operated by a screwdriver or coin, and cannot be jammed by salt, sand or dirt. The locking mechanism has the appearance of a a keyed lock. For more security, padlocks can be used when parked but can be noisy when riding.
But if you want keyed locks, our integral locks are well suited for everyday use and easy to operate. You do not need to lock/unlock to open the panniers, you can choose to lock only when necessary. To install the integral locks you have to remove the existing coin-lock. Enlarge the hole with a file (template provided). Then insert the lock and retain with the spring clip.
If you want us to try to match the keys to another TOURATECH lock such as the locking oil plug or top-box bracket please put a note in the comments section. Each pannier requires two locks. A Zega Topcase can be locked with one or two locks.
See the Lock Installation Instructions on the right.