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Large Fuel tank F800GS, up to 2012 Dark Magnesium

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Part Number: 048-0382
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NOTE: TT-USA has one of the first tanks installed and running. We gave it a good test (416 mi to empty) on the Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route.

To transform the F800GS into a true long-distance motorcycle it is necessary to add a second 5.3 gal fuel tank. With the original 4.2 gallons, the new total volume is 9.5 gallons, which can provide a range of 400+ miles.

The tank installs in the normal position of a motorcycle tank, and drains by gravity into the main underseat tank. A locking fuel filler cap is included, with two keys.

It is made of virtually indestructible Polyamide Nylon, the same material that modern car bumpers are made from.

A signed disclosure of acceptance is required before we ship a painted tank. Other options are to arrange someone to pick it up, or buy the unpainted tank which allows you to work directly with your local painter to get the best satisfaction.

  • Bar risers are REQUIRED to use this tank
  • Polyamide nylon
  • Painted Darkmagnesium
  • Adds 5.3 gallons
  • All installation parts are included
  • Touratech crashbars 048-0300/-0302 do not fit with the large tank
  • Fits BMW F800GS, 2008-2012