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Globeriders R1200GS Adventure Touring Instructional DVD

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Everything you need to know about setting up and maintaining your BMW R1200GS & GS Adventure motorcycle for adventure touring including product reviews, accessory recommendations, special parts, tire changing and repair, tools, and useful tips from experiences on the road.
Bonus material includes a 1200GS sidecar segment and Helges modified BMW HP2.
Disc One

1) Introduction

2) Special Parts - Reviews of more than 50 special parts & accessories, how to modify the standard BMW toolkit, what extra parts to carry, working with the CANbus electrical system

3) BMW Bags -
Helge examines the new bags by BMW how they work, strengths & weaknesses, etc.

4) Other Luggage -
What to carry, how to distribute the weight & how to keep your gear dry including tanks bags, camera bags, tent, sleeping bag, etc.

5) Touratech 1200GS -
A standard 1200GS loaded to the max with Touratech parts & accessories

6) Air Filter - How to examine and replace the air filter

7) Oil Filter - How to change the oil and replace the oil filter.

8) Rear Brakes - How to change the brake pads

9) Front Brakes - How to change the brake pads

Disc Two

10) Puncture Repair - Several different ways of fixing flat tires while out in the bush including products by Best Rest, BMW, Genuine Innovations & Touratech.

11) Tire Change - How to easily remove the wheels from the bike and change the tires including tips on breaking the bead, CO2 cartridges, etc.

12) BONUS: HP2 with Modifications - Helge shows his new HP2 and the special modifications in preparation for the GlobeRiders Indochina Expedition.

13) BONUS: 1200GS with sidecar - GlobeRider Mike Paull shows his one-of-a-kind 1200GS with a fully loaded GS sidecar kit that includes special parts from Touratech, radar detectors, laser jammers, a pneumatic shifter, additional battery and highly modified electrical system.
  • Running time: 4 hrs (2 DVD discs)
  • By one of the world's best know motorcycle adventurer Helge Pedersen!

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