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Destination Highways Bay Area Booklet

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"Don't ride like a tourist, ride like a local!" with Destination Highways

Destination Highways is the most in-depth motorcycle guidebook series ever produced for the dedicated enthusiast and casual rider alike. Acclaimed as the "biker's bible", the books contain detailed TIRES (Total Integrated Road Evaluation) ratings for Twistiness, Pavement, Engineering, Remoteness, Scenery & Character as well as comprehensive road descriptions, over 120 full color maps and a host of service information.

Destination Highway's riding research (34,000 mi in NorCal, 28,000 mi in WA & 25,000 mi in BC) guarantees that you'll ride with local knowledge. Make the most of your valuable time, rubber and gas rather than wasting them on mediocre roads and/or major highways. In other words, don't ride like a tourist, ride like a local!

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