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Suspension & Chassis Parts for BMW F800GS

Touratech has a wide selection of Chassis and Suspension upgrades & accessories for BMW F800GS motorcycles. Products includeShocks, after-market Footpegs, Brake Lever & Brake Lever Extensions, Larger Sidestand Foot and Sidestand Foot Spacers & More.
Footpegs & Shift/Brake Levers, View All
048-0250  Offroad passenger footpegs BMW F800GS/ADV / F700GS / F650GS Twin
048-5395  Folding Adjustable Rear Brake Lever, BMW F800GS&ADV/F700GS/F650GS Twin 2008-on
044-5316  Touratech Works, Footpegs, Low Version, Most BMW GS Models
044-0570  Adjustable Footpegs R1200GS (not for Adv) 2005-2012 Oil Cooled, F800GS
PP-13MK3  Pivot Pegz MK3, BMW F800/ADV/700/650GS twin, F/G650GS single
048-0222  Adjustable Gear Lever, BMW F800GS/ADV / F700GS / F650GS-Twin
041-0625  Long Distance Footpegs (expanded front) R11xxGS, R1200GS/ADV, F650GS, G650GS, F800/700/650GS(Twin) (pair)
048-0120  Folding gear lever BMW F800GS/ADV / F700GS / F650GS-Twin
048-0230  Brake lever extension BMW F800GS / F700GS / F650GS-Twin (non ADV)
901-2603  Fastway Evo footpegs F3 for Most BMW GS MODELS, V-Strom
901-2603ADV  Fastway Extra-Wide Adventure Foot Pegs, Clear, All BMW GS Models
044-5315  Touratech Works Footpegs, BMW GS, Most BMW GS Models
Wheels & Suspension, View All
048-587X  Plug & Travel ESA Upgrade Shock, BMW F800GS / ADV, 2013-on
048-584X  Touratech Fork Cartridge Conversion S, BMW F800GS / Adventure
048-5865X  Touratech Expedition Rear Shock, BMW F800GS
048-5880X  Touratech Explore HP Rear Shock, BMW F800GS & Adventure
048-5874  Touratech In-Line Extreme Rear Shock, BMW F800GS & Adventure, 2013-on
048-5860X  Touratech Explore Rear Shock (low option available), BMW F800GS
048-5625  Neoprene Fork Guards (pair), w/ Velcro Strap, BMW F800GS/ADV, 2008-on
048-5836  Touratech Progressive Fork & Shock Spring Kit, BMW F800GS/ADV, 2013-on
048-5834  Touratech 20mm Lowering Fork & Shock Spring Kit, BMW F800GS/ADV, 2013-on
048-5835  Touratech 35mm Lowering Fork & Shock Spring Kit, BMW F800GS/ADV, 2013-on
040-7411  Touratech Progressive Fork Springs, 2" Lowering, BMW F800GS, 2008-2012
040-7408  F800GS & HP2 Hyperpro Progressive Heavy Front Fork Springs, up to 2012
100-0505  Fork Decal Kit, BMW F800GS & Adventure
048-0500  Excel rim, spokes BMW F800GS front (21" x 2.15") / 36
048-0501  Excel rim, spokes BMW F800GS rear (17" x 4.25") / 36
048-5839  Touratech Progressive Fork Springs, BMW F800GS & ADV, 2013-on
040-7402  Touratech 50mm Lowering Fork & Shock Spring Kit, BMW F800GS, 2008-2012
048-5832  Touratech 50mm Lowering Fork & Shock Spring Kit, BMW F800GS / ADV, 2013-on
040-7401  Touratech Progressive Fork & Shock Spring Kit, BMW F800GS, up to 2012
040-7400  Touratech Progressive Fork Springs, BMW F800GS, 2008-2012
040-7410  Hyperpro progressive rear spring, BMW F800GS, up to 2012
048-0900  Ohlins shock absorber BMW F800GS, up to 2012
048-0221  Multitool Rear Shock Adjustment BMW F800GS / F700GS / F650GS-Twin
Other, View All
048-0360  Carbon shield pillion peg BMW F800GS/ADV / F700GS / F650GS-Twin
FA2092HH  EBC HH Brake Pads, BMW, KTM
048-0366  Rubber pad for frame guard ALU right BMW F800GS/ADV / F700GS / F650GS-Twin
048-0145  Large Sidestand Foot, BMW F800GS F650GS-Twin, up to 2012, F700GS
048-0300  Crash Bars, BMW F800GS F650GS-Twin, 2008-2012
048-0344  Frame guard LEFT BMW F800GS/ADV / F700GS / F650GS-Twin
048-0200  Front Fender Riser Kit w/ SS brake Line, BMW F800GS/ADV
1721-0651  EBC HH Brake Pads, BMW, KTM, Rear, FA213HH
048-0150  20mm Handlebar Risers, BMW F800GS/ADV / F700GS / F650GS-Twin
048-5026  Heel Guard Extension, Left, BMW F800GS / ADV / F700GS / F650GS-Twin
048-0412  Frame guard ALU left BMW F800GS/ADV, F650GS-Twin
048-0302  Crash Bar Upper Extension BMW F800GS, F650GS-Twin, 2008-2012