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Parts and accessories for Husqvarna TE 250 motorcycles. Product categories include Body and Fairing, Protection, Engine & Exhaust, Chassis, Tank & Tail Bags, Specialty Parts, Tools & Maintenance.
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The best possible battery charger/tender for Shorai LFX batteries is the SHO-BMS01 battery charger and management system. It uses the 5-pin BMS port in the LFX batteries to monitor, diagnose, and balance the individual cells during charge. It also has an optimized storage mode that will give the longest possible service life to your LFX.

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The Shorai LFX motorcycle battery is one of the lightest and most powerful batteries on the market, making it the perfect fit for adventure, dual-sport, and touring motorcycles. The Shorai LFX Lithium-Iron batteries are 70 to 80% lighter than standard lead acid batteries, turn your motorcycle engine over quickly, charge fast, and require very little maintenance.

NOTE: Use the Shorai battery selection tool in product description to ensure you are buying the correct battery for your motorcycle.

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