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Tools & Maintenance Items for Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer

Shop our huge selection of Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer tools and maintenance parts. Everything you need to work on your Tiger 1200 Explorer can be found here including tool kits, oil, off-road tires, lubes, 12v air pumps, tire levers, and many more useful Triumph tools and accessories. Most are in stock and ship fast!
Tire & Tube, View All
TKC70  Continental TKC70 Dual-Sport Touring Tire
SG-76002  Rope Style Tubless Tire Repair Kit
SG-5040  Replacement Tubeless Rope Plugs Qty. 25
TKC80  Continental TKC80 Dual-Sport Tire
TUBE-19  4.00/4.50 x 19 Tube
SG-RCP  Stop & Go 12V Mini Air Compressor for Motorcycles
070-0289  Tire Inflator w/BMW plug & Cigarette Adapter 166psi
SG-6000  Stop & Go Tubeless Puncture Pilot Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit w/ 12V Compressor
070-0286  Tire Puncture Repair Kit with Tools
070-0285  Tire Lever Forged (single lever)
TI  Motion Pro Tire Levers (single piece)
TIB  Michelin Style Tire Lever (pair)
CT-TLS1  Cruz Tools TirePro Tire Lever Set
070-0291  Tire Helper (for tubeless tire)
070-0270  Tire Pressure Gauge 57 psi (4 bar)
TM-CM  Trailmaster Motorcycle Tire & Gear Changing Mat