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Touratech 39L Tank Kit F650GS TT39

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Part Number: 100-1100
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Packaging List
This product includes:
  • Left and right side tanks (11 liters each)
  • Left and right side tank brackets
  • Fibreglas tank center cover
  • Fairing adapters (forward between tanks and fairing)
  • Petcocks, hoses, two tank caps, 2 keys each
  • A new, better seat
  • All the other fasteners and misce
"Now the low-fuel light comes on at 500 miles" - Glen Heggstad, Striking Viking
It was not easy to increase the volume of the underseat tank of the BMW F650GS, so we decided to add two Rally side tanks. This conversion kits turns the F650GS into a true travelling bike suitable for long-distance trips, with a fuel capacity of 10 gallons. We don't know of any other options to increase the capacity of the 650GS that is as elegant, beautifully engineered, and safe.
The original underseat tank is retained. The two side tanks drain by gravity into the original main tank. Simple is good and the original fuel pump is retained as normal. The tanks are made by Elkamet from Polyamide 6 Nylon which is nearly indestructible. This is the same material used to make automotive bumpers, so you can expect it to be almost bulletproof.
The tanks and all other mounting and fairing components can be painted by any paint shop in the color of your choice. Paintshop instructions are included. The kit comes supplied with all parts and certificates needed for TUV registration.
Some long-distance travelers are using one tank to carry drinking water.

NOTE: 2003 and newer models will need modifications to front fender. We recommend installation by a professional as other modifications may be necessary.
  • Gravity feed
  • We recommend installation by a professional
  • Ten gallons total capacity
  • Super-strong polyamide nylon tanks
  • Can be painted
  • True long-distance machine