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Protection & Guards for BMW G650GS / F650GS / Sertao & Dakar

Touratech-USA is your source for aftermarket protection and guards for BMW G650GS / F650GS / Sertao & Dakar motorcycles. Our products are engineered to protect the exposed areas of the motorcycle from rocks, sticks and debris to ensure that your ride continues as planned.
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300-5095  Quick Release Stainless Steel Headlight Guard, BMW G650GS / Sertao 2011-on
300-5090  Quick Release Clear Headlight Guard, BMW G650GS / Sertao, 2011-on
300-5025  Heel Guard, Right, BMW G650GS / Sertao / F650GS single
300-5545  Rear Shock Guard, BMW G650GS 2011-on
300-5010  ABS Sensor Guard, Rear, BMW G650GS / Sertao, 2011-on
300-5005  ABS Sensor Guard, Front, BMW G650GS / Sertao, 2011-on
620-0007  Rear Brake Fluid Reservoir Guard, KTM 1190 / 1290 / Multistrada 1200 (2010-2014) / BMW F650GS single / G650GS / Sertao / TR650
300-0151  Steel Headight Guard F650GS / G650GS 2005-2010, Not Dakar
044-0640  Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard R1200GS, F650GS, G650GS, Dakar, Sertao, TR650
300-0110  Front Sprocket Cover F650GS/G650GS, TR650 Aluminium
300-0100  Chain Guard F650GS Aluminium (and G650GS)
051-1202  License Plate Brace F650GS
300-0150  Steel headight Guard F650GS, '01-'04 (standard GS, not Dakar)
300-0147  Rear Shock Protection F650GS
300-0145  Front Fork Guards, BMW F650GS / G650GS / Dakar / Sertao
300-0121  Rear Brake Cylinder Cover F650GS Carbon Fiber (and G650GS)
300-0120  Rear Brake Master Cylinder Cover, F650GS (Kevlar Fiber) (and G650GS)
300-0130  Radiator Guards, BMW F650GS, G650GS, Sertao