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Chain Rivet tool

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Part Number: RK-4060
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Many modern bikes are supplied with no 'masterlink' on the chain, for safety purposes. To remove and installl a 'linkless' chain you need a good quality tool to break the old chain. And then you need it again, to set the rivets when reassembling the new linkless chain onto your motorcycle.

The RK-4060 quickly and easily breaks 4xx and 5xx series chain. Easily press-fits tight tolerance 4xx, 5xx and 6xx series O-ring sideplates to the correct clip or rivet link installation. Flares RKs special pin hole rivet links to the proper dimension to secure sideplates in place. Works on most other chain brands too. Lifetime warranty on tool body and handle, and replacements are available for wear parts.

  • Breaks 520, 525, 530 chains
  • Installs permanent links
  • Press O-ring sideplate on clip-link
  • The right tool for the job!

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