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Long Distance Footpegs (expanded rear) R11xxGS, R1200GS/ADV, F650GS, G650GS, F800/700/650GS(Twin) TR650(pair)

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Part Number: 041-0626
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The footpeg width is expanded rearward by about 18mm (.75 inch) retaining the original distance between the boots and the brake lever or gear lever. Part number 041-0625 has the same extension forward which reduces the distance to shift/brake lever. The wider serrated foot base also allows longer distances to be covered comfortably while standing on the footpegs.

"Standing on the BMW's scrawny stock pegs finally made my feet hurt badly enough to do something about them; enter a pair of Touratech's long-distance footpegs. Aside from providing a more comfortable 3x2-inch serrated-steel footing off-road, two different models move you 18mm closer or farther away from the shift lever and brake pedal."
Tim Carrithers, Motorcyclist Magazine
  • Rider pegs only - NOT for passenger peg position!
  • Platform is approx 3 x 2"
  • A little longer than original
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Serrated for off-road traction
  • Pair fits R1100GS, 1150GS, 1200GS-A, F650GS, G650GS, Sertao and F800/700/650GS, Husqvarna TR650 Terra
  • 041-0625 is the same with extension forward
  • All model years