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Parts and accessories for BMW G450X motorcycles. Product categories include Rallye Parts, Body and Fairing, Fuel Tank, Protection, Guards, Lights, Engine & Exhaust, Chassis, Drivetrain, Tank & Tail Bags, Specialty Parts, Ergonomics, Tools & Maintenance.
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043-0043  Ohlins Springs - 56 NM for shock absorber BMW G450X
043-0047  Fork springs BMW G450X - 4.5
043-0071  Dismantling tool for the front wheel axle, BMW G450X
043-0054  Wheel ring sticker 21"
043-0053  Wheel ring sticker 18"
043-0072  Dismantling tool for the rear wheel axle, BMW G450X
043-0046  Ohlins Springs - 64 NM for shock absorber BMW G450X
043-0004  Haan Excel FRONT wheel 21x160 BMW G450X Enduro/MX
043-0005  Haan Excel REAR wheel 18x215 BMW G450X Enduro/MX
043-0035  Neoprene seal protection, short BMW G450X
043-0019  Haan Excel REAR wheel 19x215 BMW G450X Enduro/MX
043-0033  Neoprene rear shock protection, BMW G450X
043-0048  Fork springs BMW G450X - 5.0
043-0044  Ohlins Springs - 60 NM for shock absorber BMW G450X