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Sebring Header Y-Pipe R1200GS & R1200RT up to 2013

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Part Number: 044-0501
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The new R1200 GS and RT have a 2-part exhaust thus you can either replace the front silencer (w. or w/o catalytic converter) or the rear silencer (for a better sound and look). All parts are interchangable.

  • replaces front silencer (w/o ABE)
  • replaces the catalytic converter (May not be legal for roadway use).
  • cross-tube is eliminated for less weight and better sound
  • has receptacles for oxygen sensor

  • Useful for travel in countries where unleaded gasoline is not available.
  • comprises both headpipes, 2mm larger diameter than original.
  • weighs 2.3 lbs less than original


  • Due to increased exhaust temperature it may damage Carbonfibre finish exhaust cans.
  • If the Y-Pipe is used, BMW panniers must have the BMW heat protection (BMW part number 71 60 7 691 969) installed. There are no problems with . Catalytic converter takes care of unburned fuel fumes and removing it can create backfiring. This is normal and can be minimized by using hight temp silicone sealant in the joints to reduce air leaks.

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